Placing an order

Collect your order, go to cart, and then go to payment. As a payment method, select “Payment by invoice for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.” After selecting the payment method, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Payment for the order

On the payment page you will be asked to issue and download an invoice. An invoice file will also be sent to the email you provided when placing your order. Please note that payment will need to be made within the deadlines indicated on the invoice.

Deferment of payment on an invoice using the “Promised payment” service

As a rule, orders for the delivery of food and drinks have a limited payment period, which is not sufficient for payment by bank transfer. To open an invoice, you will need to use the “Promised Payment” service with a temporary blocking of funds on your bank card for the amount of the order. You will be warned about the need for temporary blocking by an additional message.
After the temporary blocking, the order and the invoice for its payment will be issued simultaneously, and the invoice payment period will increase to 4 working days.
After payment is made from the legal entity’s account, the funds on the card will be completely unblocked.
After successfully blocking the funds on the card, a confirmation of payment and an invoice file will be sent to the email address you provided.

Deferment of payment on an invoice using a guarantee fund in the Business system

Clients registered in the . Business system and having a guarantee fund, when placing an order, can instantly confirm payment for goods and services partner companies, and pay bills from the organization’s current account at a convenient time within 30 days.
To form a guarantee fund in the delivery system

Accounting documents

You can request accounting documents by clicking on the link in the invoice payment confirmation email.
Original documents are sent by regular mail from FSUE Russian Post.
To set up an electronic document management system, send a request to. In the message, please indicate your organization’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and details of your EDF operator.

Return and receipt of funds

The funds will be returned to the bank account of the company from which the payment was made within three banking days from the moment the seller issues the return.

If an order is submitted for return, for which funds were temporarily blocked, but the invoice is not paid at the time of processing the return, the money will be debited from the card. The return amount will be transferred back.